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5 Things that could Destroy the Value of your Home

In the current economic climate selling homes has become a lot harder, which is why it’s always a good idea to maintain your home as well as possible. That way when buyers visit, they’ll find it hard to come up with a reason to make you a lower offer. But sometimes circumstances can completely ruin your house valuation and make selling through traditional methods very difficult. Take a look below for more information on 5 things that could completely destroy the value of your home:

1. Rubbish Dumps

Homes close to rubbish dumps or power plants tend to have lower than average asking prices. In fact, being close to a dump can reduce the value of your property by as much as 7%. In addition, homes only a mile or two away from a power plant can experience a drop in value of 4-7%.

2. Hoarding

If you’re collections are getting out of hand then do something about them before the time comes to move. For viewers, when a home is full of rubbish and clutter it’s very hard to visualise how it would look with their things in it or even how big it is. On recent article reported that a vendor had ended up taking £30,000 less than the asking price simply because he refused to fix a few problems and clean up.

3. Repossessions

Even if your home is fine, when other homes in your area are being repossessed it can drag the entire price bracket down. So if there are lots of boarded up houses near you it could affect your sale. In addition, messy neighbours with poorly maintained driveways can also put people off your home is if it’s possible try to get your neighbours to clean up.

4. Bad Schools

If your home is in the catchment area for a poor or closed down school then you’re likely to have less viewings from family buyers. Conversely, those who want to purchase a property in a good catchment area could find themselves paying a hefty premium.

5. Noisy Neighbours

Property experts always recommend that you should view a home several times before you purchase and one of the main reasons for doing so is to check out the neighbours. If the people next door to you are causing problems with pets, noise or anti-social behaviour then it’s best to speak to them about it first. If nothing changes then contact your local council.

So what if your home has been affected by a problem that’s seriously reduced its value? Whilst selling with an estate agent may be difficult, it’s quick, easy and completely free to sell your home for cash. When you need a quick sale it doesn’t have to be a disaster so why not get in touch with us today and find out how you could benefit from a cash house sale.

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3 Disasters That Could Ruin your Home’s Value

The unending popularity of property shows has taught us that if your home is badly presented or poorly maintained it won’t get as high an offer, but what about if your home has been affected by something that wasn’t your fault? Often, the easiest way to solve a problem like this is to sell houses for cash as opposed to using an estate agent as they purchase homes in all types of condition. Take a look below to find out about the top 5 disasters that could ruin the value of your home and what to do if they’ve happened to you.

cash-for-home1. Down in the Dumps

If you’ve already purchased a home and a rubbish dump, sewage treatment plant or power station is built nearby it’s very likely that it will devalue your home to a certain extent. Noise, smells and eyesores can all be deal breakers when it comes to selling privately. However, cash buyers will consider any type of home no matter where it is or what condition it’s in. When the surrounding area is changed and it affects the environment of the home, there’s always a risk your property will lose value. In addition to dumps, power plants and sewage treatment centres, buyers can also be put off by nearby wind turbines, roads or industrial buildings. However, a new road link or road improvement near you can add value.

2. Landslide Defeat

With the ever changing environment and more extreme weather, landslides, subsidence and erosion are becoming more common. Some people who bought a quaint Cliffside cottage 30 years ago have watched in horror as the cliff edge has grown gradually closer to their home, until they’re left with a dangerous and unsaleable property. When something like this befalls your house, there’s no way  to get around a loss – but most private buyers, estate agents and auction houses won’t be interested in purchasing your home anyway. Cash buyers, on the other hand, will buy homes that need serious attention – even derelict properties or those with critical problems.

3. Bad Neighbourhood

Maybe you bought in an area that was supposed to be ‘on the up’ but never arrived, or perhaps the place you live in has gone downhill since you purchased. Whilst it’s true that areas can benefit from regeneration and push house prices up, the opposite can also happen – what’s more, not every prediction about which area will make a splash next is correct and when something like a housing crash occurs, everyone loses out. Unfortunately, market value is based mainly on location, so unless you physically pick up your property and move it to Chelsea, you’ll have to accept the ceiling on any offers you’ll get.

Choose a Cash Buyer

Selling through an estate agent or auction house is a long, laborious, stressful and expensive process – so when something has happened to your home that’s devalued it, the last thing you need is all that extra strain. Professional home buying companies like will consider homes in any condition and in any area. In some cases a home can be sold in just one week, so you can wipe the slate clean and get on with the rest of your life. So why not get in touch and find out more about taking the weight off your shoulders by selling your home for cash.